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Purpose: Awareness

Језик: English

Derivative: Ubuntu

Release: Not Release Specific

hacker café
Wednesday, 19th of May 19:00 @ Humla, Hausmania, Oslo

Here are some of the unplanned activities that might break out on this occasion:
- wargames
- 0bfuscation
- infrastructure monitoring
- hacks'n'cracks
- lockpicking
- network patching + how-to-roll-a-cable + etherkillers
- how-to-host-an-internet-service
- putting piece-of-shit-hardware to good use
- computer giveaways
- brownbagging and joe-jobbing
- pwnage
- chess
- global thermonuclear war

... but it depends on what and who you bring, it might just all be
talk and quake deathmatches :-)

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