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Purpose: Awareness

Језик: English

Derivative: Ubuntu

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The grass is simply greener. 'nuff said.

Creative Commons License "Ubuntu Greener Grass" by tomdeering7 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


Hello, what is the tool you used to write the text "The grass is greener here"? I can't modify it without lose the colors and the font.

Thank you.

@ aure-bertron

So I made this image in GIMP, and I simply created a text layer with the Ubuntu font and wrote the desired text. Then I skewed and blurred it (making it no longer a text layer bu instead an image) and then dumped each color manually with the bucket tool to each letter. If you want to modify it you'll need to open my XCF file, delete that layer that has the text in it, then create a new one that is to your liking. Cheers!