Media: Plakat

Hensikt: Awareness

Språk: English

Videreutvikling: Ubuntu

Utgivelse: Not Release Specific

John 'nox' Hand:

"For my college exam project in Communication/IT, I was given the task of creating a peice of advertisement for anything I wished. I decided to make a poster for Ubuntu Linux.
This poster is created in, quite frankly, a massive size, measuring in at 7016x9921 pixels, which is the size required for a high quality A1 size poster printout.

I would like to share this poster as one of the posters for the DIY Spread Ubuntu concept, and hope this could be used to advertise Ubuntu. It is released under Creative Commons, and uses only open sources, such as GPL'd vector images and Open Dejavu fonts."

Creative Commons License "Huge Tag" by su is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Originally based on a work by John 'nox' Hand

Text errata?

"Ubuntu....offers thousands of computers for easy installation" ...I think you mean Ubuntu offers thousands of software packages, thousands of packages, or thousands of software choices, or something along the line of software. "computers operating system" needs an apostrophe: "computer's" so it's possessive. The semicolon after "you've been waiting for" should be a colon.

The graphic design itself, however is absolutely wonderful! I only wish the .psd were a smaller file so I could download it faster to make text fixes locally before printing. Long download, here I come.

5/5 Stars =)