Media: Poster

Proposta: Sensibilizzazione

Lingua: English

Derivata: Ubuntu

Rilascio: Not Release Specific

General awareness poster using Tux-images from Tux Factory. PDF should scale nicely to at least A3 format, hopefully higher.

Source files are in Scribus format and can easily be translated if you have any experience with that DTP program.

If anybody wants help making translations they are welcome to send translated text to me on tord.jansson AT googles free e-mail service.

Please note that the Tux images are made by various Tux Factory contributors and are licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (attribution-no commercial-share alike). Since an advert like this might be borderline commercial use (IANAL) I contacted Tux Factory who didn't see any problems with the use of their images in this kind of posters.

The individual artists are credited in the small print at the bottom of the poster.

Creative Commons License "Choose your warrior" di tordj è distribuito in base alla licenza Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.