Medios: Embalaje

Propósito: Conocimiento

Idioma: Neutral

Derivada: Ubuntu

Versión Liberada: 10.04 Lucid Lynx

CD Label (Border) for CD labeling with Simple Labeler.

Save the image fs00001.png in the directory where Simple Labeler holds its images (eg.: /opt/lightscribeApplications/SimpleLabeler/content/images/borders/fullsize/ ). You have to set the permissions of the directory .../fullsize/ to 777 (sudo chmod -R 777 .../fullsize/ ) to be able to write/save the image in this directory.

When starting Simple Labeler delete the Text of the disc and choose the first Border (it refers to fs00001.jpg) then click next and you will get the preview of the CD Label.

Finally burn it on the disc (...it must be a Lightscribeable disc, of course...)

You may use it, change it and can do with whatever you like ;-)

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