Media: Site Button

Purpose: Awareness

Language: English

Derivative: Ubuntu

Release: Not Release Specific

More about in serbian:

Ubuntu sidebar is made for Wordpress CMS to promote Ubuntu.
Parts of code from Social sidebar http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-sidebar/ and logo from Ubuntu pictogram http://design.ubuntu.com/downloads?metadata=element-pictogram are used for make Ubuntu sidebar.


For the latest version, please download it from https://wordpress.org/plugins/ubuntu-sidebar.

License specified above

How to install

1) Upload folder "ubuntu-sidebar" in Wordpress plugin directory (.../wp-content/plugins/).
2) Active plugin and find the 'Ubuntu Sidebar' menu under the Settings panel.
3) Input Ubuntu network links in the Link fields and if you like specify custom images otherwise the defaults images will be used.
4) Click on Save.
5) Your done!