Media: Poster

Purpose: Awareness

Language: English

Derivative: Ubuntu

Release: Not Release Specific

A Star Wars parody using characters from Tux Factory. This is the ink-friendly version, a more colorful version is distributed separately.

The characters are licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA license and used in the poster with Tux Factory's permission. The rest of the poster is CC-BY-SA.

Source archive contains two PDF-versions, one with tear-away-tabs and one without, along with the original Scribus files.

Please note: The PDF files do not display or print correctly in Evince (Gnome's default PDF viewer), they get wierd horizontal lines in the gradient. Use xPDF or Acrobat Reader instead which both displays and prints them perfectly.

If anybody wants to translate the poster but don't know how to do it himself, he/she can send translated text to tord.jansson AT googles e-mail service and I will make the PDFs.

Creative Commons License "Linux Wars (ink-friendly version)" by tordj is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Translated from another material at SpreadUbuntu by doctormo